How to install a water level control system for a domestic water tank?

- Jul 23, 2019-

The water level in some home appliance water tanks will be designed with transparent or translucent water tanks, and the user can directly check the water level of the water tank.

Checking by yourself costs a lot of energy. Once the user forgets to add water, it is easy to cause problems such as short circuit caused by dry burning of the appliance, which greatly affects the user experience. So how do you add water level control to your home appliance tank? If there is no water in the water tank, the control circuit automatically adds water, or it is detected that the water in the water tank is automatically powered off when the water tank is about to be filled up, and the function of controlling the water level is realized.

 Because there are various of home appliances, and the shape of the water tank is different, it can be divided into two types: the water tank needs to be moved, and the water tank is fixed.

 The appliances in which the water tank is fixed in the machine usually have a water dispenser, a water heater, a toilet, etc. An integrated photoelectric liquid level controller can usually be used when detecting the internal tank water level. The water tank cannot be moved with the integrated photoelectric level sensor, you can see from the installation.


There is a kind of water tank for home appliances that needs to be moved. For example, water tanks such as water purifiers, humidifiers, coffee machines, electric steamers and the like need to be moved for cleaning, adding water, etc. The separate liquid level sensor can usually be used to detect the water level. The non contact photoelectric level sensor is divided into two parts, the lens and the sensor.

 The prism can be mounted separately on the water tank, but usually considering the cost, the lens is usually designed to be directly integrated with the water tank on the water tank. The contactless level sensor has another function that can detect if the water tank is in the machine, The sensor will determine two different states when it is detected that the tank is being removed and in the machine.


In addition to the different structures, there are also different liquid level points to be detected , single-point liquid level sensor and multi-point liquid level sensor.

The difference between these two types of water tank level controller is that they can detect different liquid level points. The single-point fluid level sensor can only detect one liquid level point. If multiple liquid level points need to be detected, it can be composed of multiple liquid level gauges. Due to its small size, multiple single-point oil level gauge can be installed, wiring and installation are troublesome, and it is only suitable for detecting a small amount of liquid spots (such as two liquid spots). The multi-point liquid level sensor can detect multiple liquid points, which is very convenient.

 The requirements for controlling the water level required by different machines with different structures and different applications are different, so the suitable liquid level probe sensors are different. If your home appliance or other product needs to check the water level, you can contact us to provide you with the right solution.