Does the viscosity, corrosive, impurities and temperature of the liquid affect the performance of the optical water level switch?

- Aug 09, 2019-

When theoptical water level switch detects the liquid level, it must be in contact with the liquid to detect it. When the liquid covers the probe of the optical water level switch, the light emitted by the light-emitting diode in the sensor is refracted in the liquid, and the photosensitive receiver can only receive a small amount of photoelectric light or receive no light. On the contrary, the normal receiving light is in a waterless state.

So will the degree of dirty and temperature of the liquid affect the performance of the water level sensor?

The tank level sensor is used to detect the liquid level, and the application range is wide. It detects various types of liquid water, sewage, diesel oil, engine oil, strong acid and alkali liquid. For example, water dispensers, water heaters, shoe brushing machines, dishwashers, beverage machines, diesel engines, and the like.

optical water level switch have high reliability and stability, and are less affected by liquid factors. However, if the viscosity of the liquid sensor is high and water drops are left on the probe, which may cause misjudgment. Of course, photoelectric water level sensor has a related solution.

The influence of temperature on the ir level sensor is not large, and the level sensor can detect high temperature liquid and etc. The temperature does not cause photoelectric misjudgment, the optical level sensor from different manufacturers has a different temperature. The water level sensor of some manufacturers can detect liquids up to 80 degrees , some can detect liquids of 100 degrees.

The degree of dirty of the liquid does not affect the ir water level sensor. The ir water level sensor can detect the sewage, including the relatively high degree of dirt, such as impurities in the liquid, floating objects, sediments on the bottom, etc. Therefore, the ir water level sensor has a wide range of applications.

Strong acid and alkali or other corrosive liquids will not affect the water level sensor performance, such as diesel oil and engine oil. These types of liquids are corrosive, and if they are ordinary materials, the ir water level sensor cannot be used for a long time. For example, the probe is made of PC material, and if it is made of PSU material, it is not affected. Of course, the cost will be expensive at the same time.