Tilt switch working principle

- Sep 27, 2019-

What is a tilt switch?

The tilt switch is an ordinary switch that the vertical appliance stops working when tilted. The tilt switch is designed for safe use of electrical appliances. It is not affected when the appliance is working normally. When the appliance is tilted too far or inverted, the dump switch is automatically disconnected and the appliance stops working. This is the working principle of the dump switch.

It is used in electric appliances, oil heaters, electric fans, air purifiers, physiotherapy equipment, sports equipment, vertical air conditioners and other electrical appliances and equipment that need to be dumped. If the electric heater is used in winter, once the appliance is dumped, it will easily cause fire and other dangers, so the dump switch is essential.

The EPT Technology company’s dump switch is:

1. Small size, light weight and convenient installation;

2,The dumping and recovery angle accuracy is high, the reability is great,the using life is long.

3, Meet safety standards

4, Meet RoHS requirements