The water tank water level detection principle of the coffee machine

- Oct 13, 2020-

The coffee machine can brew coffee quickly to meet the needs of people who need coffee in a short time. When brewing coffee, water needs to be heated, so usually coffee machines have a built-in water tank for storing water.


The coffee machine has a water level detection function, which is realized by installing a liquid level sensor.
Some coffee machines do not integrate the water tank to in order to make it easier to clean the water tank. This coffee machine is more suitable for the use of a photoelectric separation type liquid level sensor. The separation type liquid level sensor does not need to open a hole, but a prism needs to be designed at the position of the sensor corresponding to the water tank. The separated type is to make the diamond mirror in the water tank, instead of the probe, the water tank can be moved. The metal water tank can also be used. It can be used by designing a transparent light cone on the metal.

The photoelectric integrated liquid level sensor is more suitable for coffee machines where the water tank does not move. The principle of one-piece and separate type is the same. The sensor contains one infrared light emitting diode and one photoelectric receiver. When there is no water in the water tank, the light is directly reflected from the prism back to the receiver. The sensor will send out a signal, and the device will give an alarm after receiving the signal. The water level detection is realized according to the principle of light reflection.