What should we do if the mechanical tilt switch has a short life?

- Sep 22, 2019-

The tilt switch is an electrical dump protection switch. If there is no tilt switch, the appliance will continue to work normally after dumping, it has no the protection function. At this time, the electric appliance works under abnormal working conditions, then working in such a state for a long time may cause short circuit to cause equipment damage.

If the vertical air conditioner continues to work in a tilting state, it will cause great damage to the electrical appliance. If the dumping occurs the electric heater, it may cause a fire and other dangerous phenomena. In addition to the tilting protection function, an external alarm prompt can also achieve power-off protection when the device dumps.

To achieve tilting protection, a tilt switch is generally installed on the device, which is generally a shrapnel structure or an electronic component structure. The shrapnel structure, the two shrapnel are outside the switch, the use is unsafe, during the dumping process of the electric appliance, the two shrapnel are used for the on and off work, because the shrapnel is in the process of contact and disconnection, the action is slow, there is a poor momentary movement, the service life is short. What’s more, the two shrapnel are easy to cause the welding connection to be disconnected during the electric applicance dumps, the reliability is low.

Another widely used type is the mechanical dump switch, which is inexpensive and simple to operate. The principle is that when the main body is tilted or falls, the ball in the anti-dump switch is tilted and displaced with the shell under the action of gravity, the tablet is returned to the original position due to the detachment of the ball, the switch is momentarily disconnected, thereby cutting off the power supply or the circuit. However, this mechanical product has many shortages, such as low reliability, easy to oxidize, large volume, inconvenient to install.

The photoelectric dumping switch can use the rolling of the inner beads to touch the metal terminal or change the route of the light, so that the conduction or non-conduction effect can be generated, thereby turning on or off the control circuit. The working principle is simple. Compared with other electronic dump switches, it has strong seismic resistance in both horizontal and vertical directions. The motion accuracy is high, the high and low level switching angle error can be controlled within ±5°, but the mechanical tilt switch angle operation error is within ±20°. And there are no friction and oxidation problems, ambient temperature and humidity have no effect on the signal output voltage. For users, there is no safety hazards.