The role of photoelectric liquid level sensor in realizing liquid level detection

- Feb 12, 2020-

The liquid level refers to the level of the liquid in a sealed container (such as a water tank) or an open container (water tank). In daily life and industrial production and operation, it is often necessary to understand the liquid level in the container. Part of the situation is due to various factors such as the tank being too large and the container materials such as water tanks not being transparent. At this time, a liquid level sensor is needed.

Speaking of the liquid level sensor, many people may not know it. The liquid level sensor refers to converting the liquid level signal in the container into a switch signal or a voltage and current signal, and then through an external circuit, the surveyor can intuitively know the liquid level in the container . In fact, liquid level sensors have been everywhere in our lives. For example, the function of the water level sensor is to monitor the change of the liquid level and control the liquid level. These functions are required in many electrical appliances and equipment. Using a level sensor can save time and convenience.

In recent years, with the development of society and scientific and technological progress, many liquid level measurement sensors with backward measurement methods have been eliminated. Sensors that use the latest measurement technology, measurement speed, and accuracy to meet certain requirements can survive in the age of the Internet of Things. For non-contact measurement, ultrasonic liquid level sensors and capacitive liquid level sensors are used; for contact measurement, photoelectric liquid level sensors are used.

However, due to the variety and complexity of liquid level sensors, photoelectric level sensors have unique advantages in the liquid level sensor market due to their advantages of accurate measurement, high accuracy, fast response speed, advanced technology, and low power consumption. Shenzhen EPT Photoelectric Level Sensor / Photoelectric Level Switch-FS-IR1902D provides single point liquid level detection, TTL compatible signal output. The sensor contains an infrared emission source and a detector, and the installation position is accurate to ensure that the two achieve good optical coupling in the air. When the tapered end of the sensor is immersed in liquid, infrared light will be transmitted out of the tapered surface, and the intensity of the light reaching the detector will become weak. The FS-IR series photoelectric liquid level sensor (industrial grade, photoelectric flood sensor) is specially designed for industrial applications. Capable of heavy-duty environments in industrial applications, this series of sensors can directly drive alarms and other equipment.