The role of optic level sensors in COVID-19

- Mar 30, 2020-

Home products, as infrastructure inside the house, have also received a lot of attention in the epidemic. For users trapped in the home, the desire to make the home more comfortable, smarter, and healthier has become the voice of many people. Intelligent disinfection cabinets are welcome at this time. Through various methods such as high temperature and ultraviolet disinfection, the kitchen water and catering tableware are cleaned thoroughly. In addition, it is easy to cook and difficult to clean. For users who hate dishwashing in particular, they need a smart dishwasher, leaving the finishing work of cooking to a smart device, leaving the joy of cooking.


The liquid level sensor is very important for smart home equipment. Its function is to convert the liquid level signal in the container into a switch signal or a voltage and current signal, and then through an external circuit, the users intuitively knows the liquid level in the container. In order to make the kitchen water cleaner and healthier, we recommend the photoelectric liquid level sensor to everyone. This type of sensor has unique advantages in the market due to its advantages such as accurate measurement, high accuracy, fast response speed, advanced technology, and low power consumption. 

The sensor contains an infrared emission source and a detector, and the installation position is accurate to ensure that the two achieve good optical coupling in the air. When the prism of the sensor is immersed in liquid, the sensor will output a low voltage signal; when the liquid level is lower than the position of the sensor, it will output a high voltage signal. Designers of home appliances can use software design to convert high and low voltage signals into functions that remind users to add water, such as adding an indicator light. When the liquid level reaches the position of the sensor, the indicator light is on, providing the user with water. If you want to make home appliances more intelligent, you can install two liquid level sensors directly on a water tank. When the liquid level is low, a signal to make the pump replenish water. High liquid level is a signal to make the pump stop refilling. This function can also be used to disinfect robotic equipment.


What’s more, optical liquid level sensor is simple, compared to traditional float level switch, using optical type will avoid to hid bacteria, keep the healthy of users. FS-IR1901D is specially designed for home appliances. If you need it, you can contact us directly and we will give corresponding suggestions based on your equipment.