The principle of hand sanitizer machine to realize lack of liquid detection

- Aug 10, 2020-

The photoelectric liquid level sensor uses the principle of light reflection and refraction at the interface of two different media, and is a new type of liquid level detection device. Its function is to send out corresponding signal reminders by sensing the liquid level change at the location of the sensor.


There is usually a liquid level sensor inside the automatic hand sanitizer to detect the liquid level to realize the lack of liquid reminder function. By installing a sensor, the liquid state of the water tank in the hand sanitizer can be detected quickly and accurately, and the user is reminded of the situation of the water tank at this time, so as to judge whether it needs to be filled.

In order to facilitate the use of users, the hand sanitizer tank is generally movable, so the sensors generally used are non-contact type.

The separated photoelectric liquid level sensor of EPT is resistant to high temperature, high pressure, and corrosion. The liquid level control accuracy is high, and the liquid level can be controlled within ±1mm. All the internal components of the sensor are processed by resin encapsulation, and there are no moving parts inside, so the reliability is high.


The inside of the separated photoelectric liquid level sensor is composed of a light-emitting diode, a photosensitive receiver and a lens. The transmitting and receiving tubes are in the sensor, and the lens is separated from the sensor part. The lens is usually integrated with the container or installed in the container.


The installation is simple:


There is a transmitting tube inside the separate photoelectric liquid level sensor that emits light. When the sensor is in a water state, the light will be refracted in the water; when it is in a waterless state, it will not be refracted. That is, when the liquid level drops to the position of sensor, through sensing, the sensor gives a signal to indicate that the hand sanitizer bottle is in a state of lack of liquid, and the indicator is on. At this time, the user can add liquid in time.

A hand sanitizer with such a liquid level sensor will be more intelligent and convenient, while allowing users to get a better experience. This is undoubtedly a good way to enhance the competitiveness of their products.