The function of infrared level sensor

- Jul 11, 2019-

The photoelectric infrared level sensor consists of an internal infrared light emitting diode and a photosensitive receiver, like the this:

level sensor

In the no liquid state, the light from the LED will directly reflect the receiver; When there is water state, the LED will be refracted in the liquid, and the receiver can only receive a small amount of light or receive no light.

The optical type liquid level sensor detects the liquid level, gives a signal while detecting the liquid level change, and the device receives the signal to activate an external alarm or control circuit, thereby realizing the function of water shortage protection and full overflow of the machine. Commonly used applications are as follows. The photoelectric liquid level sensor is installed at the bottom of the water tank of the machine. When the water level drops to a low level, the photoelectric liquid level sensor will give a signal indicating that the water is out of water. After the device receives the signal, it stops working, and then the system can drive the water pump to automatically enter the water. The state is installed on the side. When water is added to a certain position, the photoelectric level sensor will also give a signal, so that the device stops adding water to prevent the water from overflowing.