What if the float of the level switch is always stuck?

- Jul 29, 2019-

The float type level switch is a level sensor that is simple in operation and inexpensive, but because of its structure, the float ball is easily stuck after being used for a period of time. Usually the float is between two fixed positions, moving up and down within this range, so that the reed switch inside the pipe is open/closed.


The rise or fall of the water level will cause the float to rise or fall. Therefore, the water float switch cannot detect the liquid with high viscosity, and the liquid with high viscosity will cause the float to be inoperable. The f water float switch is a mechanical liquid level sensor, and its working principle is simple, so there are also defects - the floating ball is easily stuck.


Oil, debris, and scale may cause the float to become stuck and unable to move,poor water quality causes it to rust. These are the reasons why the float-type liquid level sensor can easily become stuck after a period of use. If the float is stuck, it is impossible to detect the liquid level and it will lead to misjudgment.


Usually, the fault phenomenon is that the alarm light of the control room is always on, or the switch does not alarm or switch when the liquid level is too high or too low. When the liquid level drops, oil or impurities will accumulate at the connection between the float and the lever, causing the float to fail to work properly. Such faults often occur in controllers that detect high levels. Excessive deposits in the container can also cause the float to become stuck.


To avoid such problems, you need to check the magnetic float switch regularly,this solution will affect the user experience. Which liquid level sensor can replace the float level sensor and solve this kind of problem?


The photoelectric liquid level sensor is a kind of highly reliable sensor, which adopts the optical principle, so it is less affected by external factors and has a long service life. Then, if the fiber optic liquid level sensor is used, will there be an unreliable phenomenon such as the floating ball being easily stuck?


Fiber optic liquid level sensor can resist corrosion, strong pressure and high temperature resistance, and it adopts glue filling treatment. There is no moving parts inside, so the stability is strong, and there will be no bad phenomenon that a certain part is stuck.Optic liquid level sensor features include debugging-free, calibration-free, maintenance-free.


The fiber optic liquid level sensor head is made of a smooth crystal head, and only a small part of it contacts the liquid, so it is not easy to produce dirt in cleaning. Due to materials, it is not only resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, and rust. Even if there is a scale generating sensor, it can still work normally, and thus the visible light electric level sensor has high reliability.