The difference between mechanical switch and photoelectric anti-falling protection switch

- Feb 10, 2020-

Mechanical anti-fall protection switch is a common anti-fall protection switch. It is cheap but its reliability is low. Due to the large volume of the mechanical dump protection switch, a large installation space is required and the installation process is complicated. So compared to the photoelectric anti-fall protection switch, it is a mechanical upgrade. The upgraded photoelectric dump protection switch is small in size, light in weight, easy to install, and has high accuracy of dumping and recovery angles, good reliability and long life.

Photoelectric dump protection switch compared to mechanical

1. Both horizontal and vertical have strong anti-seismic ability, the installation process is simple, and no damage will be caused during welding.

2. High and low voltage switching angle error can be controlled within ± 5 °, which has stronger reliability.

3. No friction and oxidation problem, ambient temperature and humidity have no effect on signal output voltage.

The following is a comparison diagram of the photoelectric dump protection switch and mechanical dump protection switch made by Shenzhen EPT Technology Co.,Ltd. From the picture we can see that the volume of the photoelectric dump protection switch is very small.


Working principle of mechanical anti-falling switch:

The mechanical anti-dumping switch has a shrapnel structure. Its two shrapnels are outside the switch and will be unsafe during use. During the electrical equipment dumping process, only the on and off of the two shrapnels are used to work. In the process of contact and disconnection, the action is slow, there are short transients, and the short life span has uncontrollable factors and is prone to safety risks.

The mechanical anti-falling switch has a free-moving metal object like a heavy hammer (as shown below) and a pair of switch contacts. When the appliance is placed horizontally, the metal object will turn on the two switch contacts, and the appliance works normally. When the tilt angle of the appliance is too large or inverted, the dump switch automatically turns off and the appliance stops working. This is the working principle of the mechanical dump switch. This type of dump switch can only detect changes in dumping in a super-fixed direction, such as only front, back, left and right. The photoelectric dump switch can work 360 °.

The photoelectric anti-falling switch is detected by using the optical principle, because it is low affected by external factors and has high reliability. It is easy to install and can be directly installed on the PCB board. All plastic parts have a 94V0 level, and safety requirements are easy to pass. With long life and no hidden dangers. Photoelectric anti-dump switch can be applied to many electrical devices in our daily life, such as heaters, oil heaters, electric fans, air purifiers, physiotherapy equipment, sports equipment, vertical air conditioners and other Electrical appliances that require dumping protection.