The Application of Hall Flow Meter

- Apr 27, 2020-

There are many kinds of flow measurement methods and instruments, and there are also many classification methods. Sixty industrial flowmeters were available ten years ago. The reason why there are so many flowmeters is because there is no flowmeter suitable for any fluid, any range, any flow state and any operating conditions. Equipment, liquids, and functional requirements are different for different flowmeters.

In addition to industrial flowmeters, there is a class of small flowmeters that control small flow rates, It is generally used in household appliances such as coffee machines, water dispensers, and beverage machines. EPT's Hall flow meter is a small flow meter, which is based on displacement sensing. The impeller rotates under the impulse of the fluid, drives the screw to rotate, and causes the magnetic system to move up and down. The higher the flow rate, the greater the displacement. The displacement is detected with a Hall device to obtain the flow velocity and flow rate.

The main function of the EPT Hall flow meter is to control the water output. For example, it can be used to control the flow of the coffee machine. The coffee flow is controlled the same every time. For example, it is used in beverage machines for automatic catering. A Hall flow meter can be used to deliver a fixed 100ml (arbitrarily set) beverage every time the machine is pressed.