What are the good water level detector manufacturers in Shenzhen?

- Sep 12, 2019-

It is important to choose level sensor type. If you choose the inappropriate type level sensor, it will easy appear some issues.

The float level sensor is a level switch with an extremely simple working principle. The float level sensor has a loose structure, it is easy to accumulate scale, and clean is difficult. If the level sensor are used in coffee machines and water dispensers, it does not meet food hygiene standards. This is a flaw in principle and cannot be avoided. Therefore, if it is determined that a float level sensor is to be used, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of material food grade. The advantage of the float level sensor is low cost, but the disadvantage is that the accuracy and reliability are extremely low, it is prone to defects.


The hygiene and reliability issue need not be considered if you choose ir water level sensor. It is a non-mechanical product with no moving parts inside, so it is extremely reliable and has a long life. Ir water level sensor usually only have a small part of the head in contact with the liquid, so only the head shell needs to meet the food grade requirements, it is easy to clean , the scale is not easily to produce. The ir water level sensor has the characteristics of small volume, simple installation process, high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance, it is extremely affected by external factors such as scale, water droplets and water vapor. Buying a ir water level sensor requires problems such as housing material. If the highly corrosive liquid is detected, it is required to use an anti-corrosive material.


The capacitive type level detector is a liquid level sensor that determines whether the position is a liquid or a liquid-free state by causing a change in capacitance caused by a change in the liquid level. The capacitive type level detector is a non-contact detection sensor, this level sensor is reliable, safe and hygienic. However, it is same as the float type level sensor, it can not be used on sewage and viscous liquid. Capacitive type has limitations on the application environment, it cannot be used on the container with thick wall thickness and metal material. Buying a capacitive level sensor is mainly to pay attention to a precision problem. If the accuracy is high, we recommend optical level sensor to you.

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