Scope of flowmeters

- May 03, 2019-

Flow measurement is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, national defense construction, scientific research, foreign trade and people's livelihood. In the production of petroleum industry, flow measurement runs through the whole process from the exploitation, transportation, smelting and processing of petroleum to trade and sales. Flow measurement is indispensable to any link, otherwise normal production and trade exchanges of petroleum industry will not be guaranteed. In the chemical industry, inaccurate flow measurement will cause imbalance of chemical composition distribution ratio, unable to ensure product quality, and serious production safety accidents will occur. 

In the electric power industry production, the measurement and regulation of the flow rate of liquid, gas, steam and other media occupies an important position. The accuracy of flow measurement not only has great economic significance to ensure the operation of power plants under the optimal parameters, but also has become an important link to ensure the safe operation of power plants with the development of high temperature, high pressure and large capacity units. If the instantaneous feed water flow of large capacity boilers is interrupted or reduced, serious accidents of dry pot or tube explosion may occur. This requires the flow measurement device not only to measure accurately, but also to send out alarm signals in time. In the production of iron and steel industry, the flow measurement of circulating water and oxygen (or air) during steelmaking is one of the important parameters to ensure product quality. In light industry, food, textile and other industries, flow measurement is also indispensable.