Is there a level sensor that can replace the float level sensor?

- Aug 02, 2019-

The float level sensor is a common level sensor, but there is always a problem after using it for a while - the float is stuck. This problem is caused by the working principle and structure of the magnetic sensor, so it is difficult to solve.

Optical principle of the infrared liquid level sensor is highly reliable, and the interior is resin-filled so that there are no moving parts inside, which avoids the stuck of components similar to the mechanical float level sensor. Not only that, compared to traditional level sensor, infrared liquid level sensor has a higher precision, and the precision can reach ±1mm, while the magnetic level gauge generally has an accuracy of ±3mm or even higher.

The liquid level sensor optical has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, it has little influence on the liquid to be tested, and meets food grade standards. The head has only a small area to contact the liquid, and the head is smooth and easy to clean. The cleaning is very convenient, so it can be applied to coffee machines, electric steamers, water dispensers, water purifiers, and etc.

The magnetic float level switch has a loose structure, the liquid level sensor optical has a compact structure and can be installed in multiple directions such as upper, lower, side, and oblique directions. The use of a float-type liquid level sensor has limitations in the product.

The liquid level sensor optical has the characteristics of low power consumption, small volume and fast response speed, and can quickly and accurately control the liquid level, and realize functions such as water shortage protection, no water reminding, anti-overflow, and automatic water adding. Compared with the checking the water level of transparent water tank, it is more convenient and the user experience is better.

The magnetic float level switch is a mechanical product, so the detection liquid has limitations,

the viscous or miscellaneous liquid can cause the floating ball to be stuck and cause bad. It is not as good as the photoelectric level sensor in terms of installation and reliability. What’s more, photoelectric liquid level sensing has the characteristics of no debugging and maintenance-free.