How can a water tank that cannot be opened achieve low level warning or water shortage protection?

- Jul 22, 2019-

The water level detection can be realized by the liquid level sensor, so that the low liquid level reminder and the water shortage protection function can be realized. liquid level transmitter such as float switches and optical fluid level sensor are usually used to detect the liquid level, but both liquid level sensors need to be installed in the tank opening. If the float type liquid level sensor does not open the hole in the water tank, it needs to be fixed by a bracket, which is very troublesome and increases the cost.

The capacitive liquid level sensor can also detect the liquid level change, but it only needs to be closely attached to the outer wall of the container for inspection. Therefore, the installation process is very simple, and there is no need to open a hole in the water tank, which can save installation cost. So how does a capacitive liquid level sensor control the water level?

The capacitor is installed at a position where the liquid level needs to be detected. When the water level slowly drops to the sensor position, the sensor judges the waterless state according to the change of the liquid level at this time, thereby giving a signal. After the device receives the signal, according to this condition change control circuit gives a reminder - the buzzer alarm or the LED light is on, or directly power off, thereby achieving low level alarm or water shortage protection.

The working principle of the capacitance level switch is to use the capacitance change caused by the liquid level change, thereby judging the liquid level of the position of the sensor, and outputting high and low levels according to water and water.

Capacitance level transmitters are smaller than other capacitive liquid level sensors on the market, and can be tested according to the customer's actual application to match the corresponding sensitivity. It has the characteristics of high reliability, stable performance and long life. Compared with the magnetic float switch, the liquid level control accuracy is higher and the installation takes up less space.