Liquid level sensor for automatic disinfection liquid low level reminding

- May 25, 2020-

At present, the application of automatic disinfectant and hand sanitizer are very wide, such as schools, hospitals, public places in shopping malls, toilets, catering, children's entertainment and other places. Public places are generally traditional push-type dispensers, but this will let us multiple contact invisible. So how to avoid cross-infection in the process of using automatic disinfectant, you need to install an automatic sensing component in the disinfectant machine, put the hand in a specific sensing range to automatically dispense liquid, without manual pressing.

So the extended problem is that when the automatic disinfectant water tank is not transparent, then we can not judge how much liquid is in the water tank, when it is time to add liquid, then we need to install a level sensor in the water tank for disinfectant.


It outputs high and low level voltage signals. The level sensor outputs a low voltage signal when the sensor detects water; the level sensor outputs a high voltage signal when the sensor detects no water. When the liquid in the tank is only 10% (the remaining amount can be set arbitrarily), a signal value will be given to remind the lack of liquid. If the disinfectant is connected to a server in the cloud, we can also use software such as a computer or mobile phone to check which area and which machine lacks liquid and need to add liquid, which will save a lot of time to check if you need to add liquid, it is convenient and fast.

If your water tank is made of non-metallic material, then you can use the D1CS-D / D2CS-H of the capacitive liquid level sensor to detect the water shortage reminder.


If your water tank is of transparent material, you can use a separate photoelectric liquid level sensor to detect it. FS-IR1907 is recommended, which is a non-contact liquid level sensor.

If your water tank can be open a hole, we recommend a contact type photoelectric level sensor.


The non-contact capacitive liquid level sensor only needs to be attached to the outer wall of the water tank and installed at the position where you need to be reminded of the lack of water. It has a fast response, simple installation process, small size, low cost and sensitivity can be customized according to your application.

Separate liquid level detection is also non-contact. It can detect any liquid with good fluidity. The biggest advantage is that the liquid level in the container can be detected through tank. The principle of FS-IR1907 is photoelectric, it can be used in a closed environment. The advantage is high reliability, the disadvantage is that a reflective prism needs to be designed inside the container.

If your water tank is opaque, you can consider opening a hole to install a photoelectric type level sensor with shortage reminder, or use a load cell, our professional team will develop a suitable plan for you.