Liquid level detection solution for medical equipment

- Mar 30, 2020-

Health has become a topic of concern for everyone today. Technological innovation has improved the effectiveness of medical services and helped people have a healthier life. Today's medical equipment relies more on high-precision sensors to obtain accurate monitoring data, which enables medical staff to diagnose and monitor patient physical data more accurately. We and everyone take a look at the liquid level detection scheme for medical equipment: the relevant knowledge points of the photoelectric liquid level switch.

For high-precision experimental testing equipment, the accuracy and response speed of liquid level detection are relatively important indicators. Take hemodialysis machine as an example: As a medical device that integrates water, electricity and machinery, dialysis machine is unavoidable, and various failures are unavoidable. Leakage is one of the most common failures of dialysis machine. Many kinds of mechanical parts such as liquid suction pump are prone to water ingress. After years of use, the hemodialysis machine may be prone to the failure of dialysate leakage. The leakage of dialysate is very harmful to the machine. Metal parts are stuck to the dialysate. Iron parts will quickly rust and stainless steel will react chemically. Crystals were formed around the parts, which eventually caused the parts to be damaged, and the machine could not work.


Is there any good solution for dialysis machine leakage? The solutions are as following:

Shenzhen EPT miniature plastic photoelectric liquid level sensor-FS-IR1901D sensor is characterized by a polysulfone polymer housing and no moving parts. This plastic level switch is ideal for single-point level monitoring in medical diagnostic equipment, dialysis systems, sterilizers, and other OEM industrial and medical applications. Built-in optoelectronic components provide a switch output level sensor that can detect the presence or absence of fluids at temperatures up to 100 ° C and pressures up to 4.5Mpa. The sensors provided by We can be custom designed or modified to meet the specific application requirements of customers.



Shenzhen EPT stainless steel photoelectric liquid level sensor / photoelectric liquid level switch-FS-IR1903D is also suitable for its field, this sensor provides single point liquid level detection, TTL compatible signal output. FS-IR1903D contains an infrared emission source and a detector, and the installation position is accurate. FS-IR1903D photoelectric liquid level sensor is specially designed for industrial applications, and the driving current can reach 250mA. Therefore, this series of sensors can directly drive alarms and other devices.