Level sensor suitable for intelligent automatic sensing soap liquid

- Apr 17, 2020-

You can find hand sanitizer in the toilets of public buildings such as office buildings or hotels. To avoid cross-infection, these hand sanitizers are pressure-free. When users need to use hand sanitizer, they only need to put their hands under the bottle containing hand sanitizer, it will sense the body temperature of the person and then automatically squeeze out the liquid, which is convenient and fast. However, when there is no hand sanitizer in the bottle, if there is no liquid level reminder function, you cannot add hand sanitizer in time. If man-made inspection, it will consume a lot of time. In order to solve this problem, we recommend the liquid level sensor specially used for water shortage reminder-FS-IR1901D


Photoelectric liquid level sensor FS-IR1901D provides single point liquid level detection, TTL compatible signal output. The sensor contains an infrared emission source and a detector, and the installation position is accurate to ensure that the two achieve good optical coupling in the air. When the tapered end of the sensor is immersed in liquid, infrared light will be transmitted out of the tapered surface, and the intensity of the light reaching the detector will be weakened. If you need 250Ma drive current. 24V FS-IR1902D is available.


Photoelectric liquid level sensor / photoelectric liquid level switch FS-IR1901D features:

1) M12 size.

2) Three-wire electrical interface

3) 5V operating voltage