Level sensor detection in the High-precision hand sanitizer

- May 30, 2020-

The hand sanitizer is a machine equipped with detergent, disinfectant, hand sanitizer and other liquids. The smart hand sanitizer is usually equipped with a liquid level sensor to detect the liquid level and realize the liquid shortage reminder.


The through-beam photoelectric liquid level sensor is a non-contact type, which is used to detect disinfection liquid, etc. The sensor will not be corroded or chemically react with the liquid.

There are transmitter and receiver inside the sensor, the transmitter emits infrared light, and the receiver receives. When there is no liquid, the light is normally transmitted and received. When there is liquid, the light is cut off, thereby outputting high or low level signals.

These are functions of level sensors:

  1. Used for detecting low liquid level reminder. Low level reminders include reminders for remaining fixed volume or reaching a certain location. If the reminder is set when the remaining 50 ml of liquid is set, the sensor will give a signal reminder when the liquid level drops below the 50 ml liquid level line. It can also be set to 10ml, 30ml, etc.


  2. Used to detect the lack of liquid reminder. When the hand sanitizer is used up, the hand sanitizer bottle is in an empty state. When the sensor detects that there is no liquid in the hand sanitizer bottle, it gives a signal reminder, so that the LED light flashes or the buzzer sounds. Or it is to transfer the data to the server, the user can check the liquid shortage status of the hand sanitizer through the computer, APP, etc