Introduction to the detection function of disinfectant

- May 31, 2020-

Intelligent hand disinfector is a device with disinfectant inside, and it is usually used in many places such as schools, hospitals, stations, shopping malls and so on.

The intelligent hand disinfector is based on the principle of infrared reflection. When the hand is placed in the sensing area, the infrared light emitted by the tube is reflected by the human hand to the infrared reception tube.


After the sensor sends out a signal, the solenoid valve controls the hand sanitizer system. When the proper hand sanitizer is squeezed out, it is automatically closed.


A smart hand disinfectant is usually equipped with a liquid level sensor inside, which is used to realize the function of liquid shortage detection and reminding, so that the user can know the liquid level of the disinfector.

Introduction of disinfectant liquid level detection function:

1. Remind a small amount of liquid

First determine the margin position to be reminded, and then install the level sensor. The remaining amount can be set to 10% liquid, 30ml liquid, liquid height 2mm, etc. according to the equipment structure and application requirements. If the liquid height is set to be less than 2mm to remind, then the sensor will give a signal to remind the user to add water when the liquid level drops below 2mm.

2. Detection of no liquid reminder

When it is detected that there is no disinfectant in the container, the sensor gives a signal, and after the signal is received by the device, the LED lights up or the buzzer sounds to remind. The above two functions can be realized by EPT capacitive liquid level sensor.

3. Real-time margin detection

This function uses a load cell to detect the remaining amount of liquid, and the accuracy can reach 1%. It mainly uses the principle that the resistance strain gauge is deformed, and its resistance also changes accordingly. The load cell is usually installed at the bottom of the water tank, which can detect the real-time liquid level, please pay attention to the structural design.