How to use the fish tank aquarium smart ATO?

- Nov 16, 2019-

The fish tank Auto top off system is a kind of aquarium product, which is usually used to automatically add water and change water to the fish tank.

With the example of the smart Ato. The smart Ato can be divided into two parts, the controller + suction cup, the suction cup and the controller are placed at the inner and outer sides of the aquarium wall in the position where the water level line needs to be maintained, and the controller part is adsorbed on the fish tank.


After the controller is partially attached to the aquarium, one end of the power supply is inserted into the controller, and the other end is inserted into the socket to complete the power supply. Insert the pump plug into the controller and place the pump in the spare tank. The installation of the fish tank smart ATO can be completed.

After installation, when the water level in the aquarium drops, the controller will automatically drive the pump to pump water from the spare tank to the aquarium. When the water is raised to the set position, the smart ATO will automatically stop adding water.

As long as the function continues, the smart ATO will continue to function as a water level detector and an automatically add water. It can be seen that the fish tank water auto top off system has the characteristics of accurate and convenient liquid level control, and it is not necessary to check the water level in the fish tank from time to time.