How to use a liquid level switch in household machine?

- Mar 22, 2020-

For engineers, choosing the right, cost-effective sensor has always been a headache. In order to select the most suitable liquid level switch, we need to understand not only the characteristics and status of the liquid being measured, but also the advantages and disadvantages of different level sensors

Especially with the development of science and technology, automation become more and more important. In order to ensure the consistency of product quality, the era of manual monitoring and intervention by manufacturers has passed, and the importance of sensors has become more and more obvious, involving the design of program systems. The sensor is no longer a simple mechanical and rough monitoring of the float level sensor.

Here are the application cases of liquid level switch:

The application case of aromatherapy machine:
The fragrance container inside the aromatherapy machine is bottle-by-bottle. Usually, the bottles need to be replaced with new bottles after use. The aroma bottle of the container under test has the characteristics of movement and small volume, so the liquid sensor used must have the characteristics of small volume. The EPT capacitive liquid level switch can well realize the function of the liquid level detection of the flavor machine.


The capacitive level sensor is non-contact, so the container can be moved arbitrarily. Installing the liquid level sensor in the aromatherapy machine can realize the remaining fixed margin. For example, it reminds the user that the liquid level has fallen to a low level when 10%, or reminds the user to replace the bottle when there is no liquid level in the container.


The application case of coffee machine:
There is usually a water tank inside the coffee machine for making coffee. Some coffee machines have two water tanks inside, one tank is used to supply water to the other tank. The EPT level sensor is installed at the bottom and height of the water tank. When there is no water in the tank, the EPT photoelectric level sensor gives a signal, and the pump turns on to pump the water from the other tank. When the water level is full, the liquid level sensor at a high place gives a signal to stop power supply, and the pump stops adding water.