How to realize the liquid shortage reminder in the automatic disinfection device?

- May 23, 2020-

There are a lot of bacteria on our hands. When our hands touch the bottle of hand sanitizer, it will naturally cause a lot of bacteria to remain on it. Especially in public places, there will be a lot of accumulation of bacteria on it. The automatic disinfection fully takes this into consideration and uses the same principle as the automatic sensor faucet. When the hand is put on, the liquid is discharged automatically, which is more hygienic.


The automatic sterilizer has been improved in all aspects compared to the traditional push type, such as liquid level detection. The automatic disinfection liquid device has a function of reminding the lack of liquid. The liquid level sensor is used to detect the liquid level of the disinfection liquid, so as to remind the user to add liquid when there is a small amount of disinfection liquid or no liquid.


So how does this principle work? We will explain this with a capacitive liquid level sensor

If you need to detect the remaining 50ml of liquid to remind the user that you need to add liquid, install the capacitive liquid level sensor in the remaining 50ml position.

After the sensor is fixed, it can be used directly without debugging. When the disinfectant in the bottle gradually decreases, the liquid level drops to a position below 50ml. The change in capacitance value of the capacitive liquid level sensor in the absence of liquid and the presence of liquid is different. The sensor gives a signal based on the detected change in capacitance value. After receiving the signal, the device controls the buzzer to sound a reminder, or controls the LED to light up to warn.


If disinfection device is used in public places such as stations and hospitals, the data is usually transmitted to the background of the network, and users can check whether each disinfectant is lacking according to the computer. The automatic disinfection device without a liquid level sensor is usually manually checked, which will take a lot of time to check, and the check speed is slow, which is very inconvenient.

The capacitive liquid level sensor is used for non-contact detection, so it will not chemically react with the disinfectant and is more hygienic.

Capacitive liquid level sensor has the characteristics of small volume, simple installation process and fast response speed. Because our company will conduct targeted tests according to various applications and simulate the end customer's application to match the most suitable sensitivity, so it has high reliability and long life.

For automatic sterilizers, other contact and non-contact photoelectric liquid level sensors can also be used, or a sensor can detect a four liquid level, or a weighing sensor that can detect the liquid level in real time.