How to realize the automatic water filling function of the coffee machine?

- Oct 20, 2020-

With the acceleration of people's lives, household appliances are becoming more and more intelligent, and coffee machines are no exception. How to make the water level detection in the coffee machine intelligent? A small sensor can solve your problem.


Generally coffee machines need these two water levels: a low liquid level and a high level. How to realize the automatically add water? Just installing two single-point level sensors or one multi-point level sensor in the tank. When the water level drops to the low position of sensor, the sensor will output a signal to start adding water; When water level reaches to high position of sensor, the sensor outputs a signal to stop pump. By this way, users are not worried about this situation that they can not add water in time, which is very convenient. Also the situation of lacking water or dry heating issues will be avoided, increase the working life of machine.

As for the level sensor types, we recommend Photoelectric type. Because this type level sensor has a small size, high precision, high performance and high stability. If you would like to try, Shenzhen EPT company will offer detailed solution for your application.