How to realize remote wireless water level control ?

- Jan 12, 2021-

How to realize remote wireless liquid level control ?

1.  Install the Ultrasonic liquid level sensor in the needed detect item. 

    Which can detect liquid level, water tank temperature, humidity, etc. in real time. 

    Can add clock to display time and date.

    Other functions can be added according to customer's requirements.

2. Optional wireless transmission

    Wireless module--long transmission distance, can be connected to the display with receiving module

    2G 3G 4G module + customer's own web server--can connect to smart phone/computer to show needed details

    TUYA module + download TUYA APP-- can connect to smart phone/computer 

3. Water pump control function is optional

4. Other functions

    High and low liquid level can be set, automatic switch function of water pump can be set, 

    alarm liquid level + alarm prompt function can be set

Other needs can be customized

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