How to realize liquid shortage reminder in automatic hand sanitizer?

- May 09, 2020-

Capacitive liquid level sensor is a liquid level detection sensor that can quickly detect the change of liquid level. It has the characteristics of cheap price, high sensitivity and good accuracy. The structure is simple and the installation process is simple. Compared with other liquid level sensors, it can save installation time.

The biggest advantage of capacitive liquid level detection is that it can detect the liquid level in the container through tank. It is a non-contact detection sensor. Therefore, it is used for the detection of edible drinking water, or disinfecting hand sanitizer or disinfecting liquid.


Capacitive liquid level sensor can be used to detect the liquid level of the automatic hand sanitizer. It can automatically remind the lack of liquid, usually when a small amount of liquid is left to remind the user. If the setting needs to be reminded when the liquid soap is 10% remaining, install the sensor at the remaining 10% of the liquid soap. When the liquid level drops to the sensor position, the sensor will give a signal to remind.


If the setting is to remind when there is no liquid at all, the sensor will give a signal when there is no liquid, the device will immediately power off and stop working to protect the circuit. Or if the hand sanitizer has a link to a cloud server, the user can view those devices in a certain area through a computer or mobile phone, etc., which belong to the need to be replaced, which is very convenient to use.

If you need to test other liquids, we can provide the most suitable solution according to your actual equipment situation.