How to install photoelectric level sensor?

- Jun 25, 2019-

The photoelectric level sensor is multi-directional sensor that can be mounted up, down, side or diasonally. The difference in installation of the optical level switch is whether it is fixed by screw or nuts, and installed from inside or outside.


By nut                                                      By screw

The same is the fixed installation of the nut like these photos, because the different appearance, the installation way is different. In photo 1, this level sensor directly screwed from inside of the water tank, the tank is unsealed; In photo 2, the installation from outside of the tank, the tank is sealed.

Photo1                                                                Photo2

Due to the different tank size, the size of the liquid level sensor is different. For example, for home appliances such as water heaters, commerical coffee machines etc, the size of level sensor does nor affect; For the small humidifiers, printers and other type of machines, because of the structure of the container, you need to consider the size of level switch when installation.


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