How to detect the liquid level of organic solvents?

- Mar 17, 2020-

In the chemical industry organic synthesis industry, most chemical reactions are performed in solvents. Solvent is an important medium, which can evenly distribute the molecules of various substances participating in the reaction, increase the chance of collision and contact between molecules, and accelerate the reaction process. It should be noted that most organic solvents are easy to burn. When the solvent vapor reaches a certain concentration in the air, it will explode. You must pay attention to the safety of the solvent. In addition, storage tanks for flammable organic solvents must be equipped with level gauges, and drain pipes should be equipped with breathing valves and flame arresters. High-risk tank areas must be equipped with high-level alarms and automatic cut-off devices for feeding, or nitrogen replacement protection measures. It is the corresponding solution for organic solvent storage tank, high-level tank high-low level automatic control and transportation system to better solve such problems. It is important to choose the correct level sensor. For the liquid level measurement with solvents, we recommend a highly corrosion-resistant level sensor FS-IR1902D.


The photoelectric point level switch is not a sensor that detects the height of the liquid level, but a switch that detects the presence or absence of liquid at a certain point. It consists of two main parts: an infrared LED and a phototransistor, which are accurately positioned at the bottom of the sensor tip. The working principle is that the photoelectric point level switch contains an infrared light emitting diode and a photoelectric receiver. The light from the light-emitting diodes is directed into a prism on top of the sensor. When the tip is in the air, infrared light is internally reflected around the tip of the phototransistor, providing a strong optical coupling between the two. When the sensor tip is immersed in the liquid, infrared light escapes from the tip, causing the amount of light from the phototransistor to decrease, which causes the output state to change.


Strong anti-corrosion photoelectric level switch – FS-IR1902D product advantages

1. PSU material,

2. Strong corrosion resistance, resistant to formalin, toluene, xylene and other organic solutions,

3. High reliability,

4. Resistant to + 100 ° C;

5. Power supply voltage: + 4.5V- + 24V;

EPT strong anti-corrosion photoelectric liquid level switch FS-IR1902D application:

Medical embedding machine, printer ink detection.