How to control the water level in the steam microwave oven?

- Oct 30, 2019-

If the steam microwave oven is protected by temperature control and anti-drying, once this function is disabled, the appliance will continue to work in the waterless state, it is easy to cause fire caused by the circuit. The float level switch can be used to detect the liquid level, but the float level switch has very low reliability. After a long time of use, it is easy to cause a floating ball to be stuck, which is easy to misjudge. The use of transparent water tank design manual viewing, once the user forgets to add water, or the water in the water tank is run out, but the customer is out or other reasons are not found, it will greatly affect the user experience.

The photoelectric water level sensor is divided into an integrated type and a separate type. The separated liquid level sensor can realize non-contact type detection and meets the standard of drinking water safe. It is suitable for steam microwave ovens, coffee machines, water purifiers, etc., which require moving water tanks to clean and add water. Float level sensor can not realise the function. Compared with the low-reliability mechanical float level sensor, the reliable of photoelectric liquid level sensor is high, it is not affected by liquid corrosiveness, pressure, magnetism, temperature, etc., it is less affected by external factors and has strong stability.

The photoelectric liquid level sensor has a fast reaction speed, the liquid level control accurate is high, the accurate is within ±1mm, the repeatability is also extremely high. The photoelectric liquid level sensor can be installed up, down, oblique and sideways, and can be used after being installed without the characteristics of debugging and verification.

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