How to connect the photoelectric water level sensor?

- Nov 29, 2019-

There are three wires of submersible infrared level switch, namely power line, ground line and signal line. Generally, each wire is distinguished by a different color, usually the power line is red, the ground line is blue, and the signal line is yellow. The following is the wiring circuit diagram of the photoelectric water level sensor of EPTSensor.


Generally, the three-wire submersible infrared level switch has a built-in resistance, it is not necessary to bring a resistance when wiring. This type of submersible infrared level switch has the characteristics of no debugging and no calibration, it can be used after installation. The submersible infrared level switch is also very convenient to install, just screw it in directly or lock it with two screws. Even in the early test, you can connect the multimeter, put the sensor head into the water and then take it out, and you can see that the sensor outputs different voltage signal changes in the two states.

The submersible infrared level switch can be used in industrial equipment. The voltage used in industry is basically 24V. Therefore, when using the submersible infrared level switch, an external diode is required to prevent the sensor from being burned out when the load current is too large during startup. Apart from this, there are no special changes, and it is extremely simple to use.

In addition to debugging-free and calibration-free, the photoelectric water level sensor is also maintenance-free, because it uses the reflection state of the sensor in two media to determine whether it is a liquid state (medium is liquid) or not Liquid state (contact medium is air). Therefore, it has the characteristics of small size, high accuracy, high reliability, and maintenance-free. The sensor is low affected by external factors (such as liquid color, magnetic force, pressure, temperature), and some hidden problems can also be solved by testing at the factory, such as scale, debris, etc.

If your application needs to use the water level sensor to detect the liquid level to achieve water shortage protection or automatic water filling, then you can contact us and we will provide you with the most suitable solution.