How to buy safe winter heating small appliances?

- Mar 20, 2020-

When buying small home appliances, consumers are advised to choose a mall with a high reputation and a brand franchise store. At the same time, it is necessary to choose a brand with complete certification and complete after-sales service, such as the "CCC" logo, factory name and address, inspection certificate, instruction manual, and so on. If you choose online shopping, consumers should choose a regular mall with a certain scale of strength, or a dealer website designated by the brand. The service process of such websites is relatively standardized, and the distribution and after-sales service are relatively guaranteed. Try to use a third-party payment platform or cash on delivery payment method to ensure payment security.

Use small heating appliances correctly and pay attention to their use. They should strictly follow the instructions in the instructions, and must not be "greedy and hot." If you use the electric heater in a humid environment such as a bathroom, you must buy electric heaters that are waterproof, splash-proof, and ceramic heating elements to prevent injury. The heater should not be covered during operation. Due to the high surface temperature of the electric heater, the heat of the covered items cannot be dissipated in time, which will not only cause burns, but also cause a fire. At the same time, it should not be used with high-power appliances at the same time, otherwise it is easy to damage the heater. Families with children are better off using a heater with a tilt sensor switch. Children are inevitably naughty, and sometimes it is easy to touch a working heater. A heater with a tilt sensor switch can avoid some potential dangers. EPTSensor's tilt sensor switch has high precision and quick response. If necessary, please contact our staff.