How many ways to achieve water shortage protection?

- Nov 01, 2019-

The photoelectric water level sensor switch mainly includes three parts: a launch tube, a receiving tube and a lens. The sensor uses the working principle of reflection. There is a light cone on the top of the launch tube and the receiving tube. When no liquid is present, all the light is reflected by the top light cone to the receiving tube; when there is liquid coverage, the light cone and the liquid At the boundary, the refractive index changes to cause some of the light to refract out, so that the light received by the receiving tube is reduced, thereby indicating the presence of liquid. Using this method to sense the liquid level response speed is very fast, and the liquid level control accuracy is high.

The photoelectric water level sensor switch is used to realize the water shortage reminder, which can be integrated, separated or multi-point.


The commonly used photoelectric water level sensor switch can be directly fixed with a lock screw or screwed along the thread and fixed with a nut. After the fixed, the container can not be moved. It can be installed at the bottom or side of the water tank for liquid level detection (as shown below). Usually such photoelectric water level sensor switch are used in equipment where the water tank does not need to be moved, such as water heaters, water purifiers, water dispensers, toilets, medical equipment, and the like.

Because the water tank can't be moved after using the integrated photoelectric level sensor, if it is a water tank like a coffee machine, dishwasher, electric steamer, etc., it needs to use a separate photoelectric level sensor. . The separated liquid level sensor is separated from the sensor by a cone. The light cone is on the water tank and the sensor is fixed in the body (as shown in the figure below). Therefore, the water tank needs to be removed for cleaning or water is added without affecting the operation of the sensor. The same sensor can be installed side-mounted, up, down, or diagonally.


In addition to detecting water shortage reminders, some devices also need to detect high liquid level to prevent liquid from overflowing the water tank; or to achieve double protection, two sensors are used to detect two liquid levels. At this point, two level sensors can be used to satisfy the function, but it is more troublesome to install, open or wire. So we developed a multi-point liquid level sensor, one sensor can detect 4 liquid level points. Therefore, the time spent by the user on installing the sensor can be saved, and the labor cost can be reduced.

Even if the photoelectric water level sensor switch is used in the same way, the water level sensor switch is suitable according to the functional requirements and structure. If your equipment needs liquid level detection, you can contact us and we will provide you with the most suitable solution.