How does the infrared level sensor control the water level in the hot spring bath?

- Mar 04, 2020-

Winter is the season when the hot spring industry is booming. It is very important for the merchant to constantly monitor the water level of the hot spring bath. When the hot spring water is purified by the purification process, it can be used as hot spring water and stored in the main water supply tank. The main water supply tank is to solve the shortage of SPA water peak consumption. As the surface of the pool water evaporates, the pool drains, visitors take it out of the pool and the backwash of the filtering equipment will cause the pool water to decrease, so the hot spring bath needs to be replenished. The hot spring bath has a requirement for the water level of the pool. If the tank does not meet the requirements, the hot spring bath is extremely dangerous to the human body, so it is extremely important to detect and control the water level of the hot spring bath.


Photoelectric level switch sensoris a commonly used measuring instrument. It can use the principle of different refractive index of light in different media to detect objects. It is a new type of contact point liquid level measurement and control device. The photoelectric level switch sensor contains a near-infrared light-emitting diode and a photosensitive receiver. The light from the light-emitting diodes is directed into a lens on top of the sensor. When the liquid immerses the lens of the photoelectric level switch sensor, the light is refracted into the liquid, so that the receiver cannot receive or can only receive a small amount of light.



On the other hand, the photoelectric level switch sensor has a simple structure, high accuracy, no mechanical parts, no debugging, high sensitivity, corrosion resistance, low power consumption, small size, and many other advantages. It also has high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, and strong corrosion resistance. For the photoelectric level sensor that controls the water level in the hot spring bath, we recommend a small volume packaged level sensor-FS-IR1902D series products are made of PSU housing material, power supply is 4.5-24VDC, M12 thread, -20 ~ 100 degrees, has the characteristics of small size, etc., many installation methods, easy to use. Suitable for hot spring pools, leak detection, vending beverage machines, food and beverage machines, medical, compressors, printers, pumps, home appliances, oil level monitoring, HVAC, machine tools, high and low level switches, water level control, automotive electronics Level measurement and control in the field.