How does the humidifier detect the presence of liquid?

- Sep 22, 2020-

When the air is very dry, and the skin becomes very dry. At this time, people will use humidifiers to increase the humidity in the air. The humidifier achieves the humidification effect by heating and evaporating water vapor, so there is generally a water tank inside the humidifier.

However, if the water in the tank evaporates and no water is added, the machine may be damaged at this time, so this also leads to another function of the humidifier to remind the lack of liquid. A liquid level sensor is installed to sense the change of liquid level and detect whether there is water inside the water tank to remind.

The function of photoelectric liquid level sensor is as following: When there is liquid, the light will be refracted into the liquid, so that the receiver cannot receive or receive a small amount of light. When there is no liquid, the light will be directly reflected back to the receiver. This difference is used to judge, and then the lack of liquid alarm Reminder or control circuit.

The liquid level sensor can be installed at the bottom of the humidifier. When the liquid level drops to the end, the water in the container is about to evaporate. When there is no water, the sensor outputs a signal to cut-off power.

It is also possible to install a liquid level sensor at the low liquid level. At this time, when the liquid level drops to the low liquid level, the sensor sends a signal to remind, so that the water can be added more timely.


The application of the liquid level sensor in the humidifier can not only detect the change of the liquid level, but also make the humidifier more intelligent.

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