How does the garment steamer realize the water level detection of the water tank?

- Sep 25, 2020-

Garment steamer is a must-have product for many families. The garment steamer generally contains a water tank. Its principle is to evaporate water by heating water and use steam to iron clothes. Since there is water evaporation output, the water in the water tank also needs to be added, so as not to affect the use of the garment ironing machine. That is, the water level of the water tank needs to be detected. How does the garment ironing machine realize the water level detection of the water tank?


The answer is by installing a water level sensor.

The types of water level sensors include photoelectric, multi-point, capacitive, etc. The principle is to detect by light reflection. When the photoelectric type is used, it can be installed at the low level of the garment ironing machine. Once the water level is lower than the position of level sensor, and the sensor cannot detect water, that is, it sends a signal to remind users to add water in time, or you can set the device to add water when the sensor sends the signal. In this way, the sustainable use of the garment steamer is achieved.

The photoelectric water level sensor is small in size and easy to install. It can be installed on the top, bottom, side or oblique. It has high positioning accuracy, simple structure, fast response speed and long life.