How do we set an automatic reminder or turn off the power when the water level reaches a certain location?

- Nov 11, 2019-

The water level detection function is realized by the water level detector, and the water level detector can detect the water level change accurately, quickly and accurately. When the water level drops to a certain set position, the electrical equipment will light a reminder or a buzzer alarm. This is the low liquid level detection, which can remind the user to add water in time. When there is no liquid in the container, the device stops working immediately. This is the water shortage and power failure protection function to prevent the device from dry burning. When the water level rises to the set position, the device stops adding water, which is also one of the functions that the water level sensor can achieve - anti-overflow reminder.

When the water level reaches a certain position, the light or buzzer alarm reminder function can be realized by the water level sensor. This function is very common in the household appliance industry, such as the waterless reminder of the water dispenser, the automatic watering of the water heater, the waterless detection and anti-overflow reminder function of the coffee machine. In addition to such household appliances, it can also be applied to medical equipment or business machines.


So how do you use a water level detector to achieve this type of function? For example, a photoelectric water level detector with higher reliability is used to mount at a position where the liquid level change is required. If it is necessary to detect water at the bottom position, the sensor is installed at the bottom. When there is water, the sensor outputs a low level. When the water level drops to the bottom, the sensor sends a signal when it detects no water. After the device receives the signal, the control circuit realizes an external alarm or automatic power-off protection, or drives the water pump to realize automatic watering.

The anti-overflow function - The photoelectric water level detector is installed at the position set by the water tank. When there is no water, the sensor outputs a low voltage. When the water level rises to the sensor position, the sensor outputs a high voltage and the device stops adding water. Of course, high and low voltage changes can be divided into positive and negative logic. that is, the output is high voltage when the liquid is contacted, and the low voltage is not contacted with the liquid.

The photoelectric water level detector is a highly reliable sensor, which is not affected by temperature, pressure, liquid color, etc., it has strong stability and long service life. The liquid level detection has high precision and high repeatability, and can reach ±0.5mm, it can be installed up, down, side and obliquely. It can be used in various electrical equipments and is one of the commonly used water level sensors for water level control.