High reliability coffee machine liquid level sensor

- Sep 21, 2019-

The water shortage protection, the anti-overflow and automatic watering functions of the coffee machine are usually realized by the liquid level sensor. After the liquid level sensor detects the liquid level change and gives a signal prompt, the device activates an external alarm according to the signal output by the sensor (such as buzzer sounding, LED light prompt), or automatic power off, automatic watering etc.

Install the sensor in the low position to detect the change in water level at low level, it will give a signal when the low level is detected, after receiving the signal, the machine will remind the user to add water and reallize the low level alarm. By installing the sensor in the bottom position, it can give a signal prompt when it detects that there is no water in the water tank, so that the power supply can be immediately powered off to achieve water shortage protection, or the water pump can be activated to realize the automatic water adding function. The sensor is mounted in the high position and the sensor immediately gives a signal when the water level rises to the level sensor position.

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