Hall flow sensor introduction

- Jun 26, 2019-

The Hall flow meter is based on displacement sensing. However, the fluid pushes the impeller to rotate, which drives the screw to rotate, causing the magnetic system to move up and down. When the flow rate is large, the displacement is large. The flow rate and flow rate were obtained by detecting the displacement with a Hall flow meter.


The features of FM-HL3012 are as follows:

l. Small size, light weight, can be assembled in four directions, easy to install

2. Can sense the liquid level in the moving water tank

3. High flow accuracy, good reliability, long life

4. Meet the FDA standard.

The accuracy of the Hall flowmeter is relatively low, which can meet the general needs. For example, in the process of using the water dispenser, it only needs to be accurate to 0.05L. In terms of price, the Hall flowmeter has great advantages and can be satisfied. The price of the ultrasonic flowmeter sensor is at least 1000 yuan. The cost of the Hall sensor is hundreds of times higher than that of the ultrasonic flowmeter. The use of this sensor can greatly reduce the cost of the entire flowmeter, and generally the ultrasonic flowmeter.

TThe Hall effect-based flowmeter can only be accurate to 0.01L, and the accuracy is not as good as the high precision ultrasonic flowmeter. The error is below 15ml. The error of this order of magnitude in life will not affect the use. Compared with the ultrasonic flowmeter, the cost of the Hall flowmeter is greatly reduced, only 1/30 of the cost of the ultrasonic flowmeter, relatively low price. Such a flow meter is used by more products, and the market space of the new flow meter is increased, so that the application range is wider, and thus the flow meter is more used in life.