Different alarm way of water leakage alarm

- Mar 19, 2021-

There are two types of water leakage alarm: 

One is that both the non-positioning host and the positioning host are systems that monitor liquid leakage through sensing lines. 

The other is when liquid leaks into the sensing line, it will trigger its sound and light alarms. 

The water leakage monitoring system can be perfectly combined with the environmental monitoring system, 

and its two main contacts can transmit the signal back to the central monitoring system. 

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There are also different alarm ways:

1.The water leakage alarm screen displays an alarm 

When a water leakage is detected, a red light will flash on the water leak alarm to remind the operation and maintenance personnel that there is a water leak. 

Another small function of the water leakage alarm is to have a yellow light to remind the damage and breakage of various cables, so as to find the cable fault in time. 

2.Dynamic ring monitoring system displays alarms 

The water leakage alarm is equipped with an RS485 communication interface to communicate with the dynamic environment monitoring system of the computer room. 

The operation and maintenance personnel can be notified on the monitoring computer screen as soon as the water leakage is detected. 

It can be used as a separate water leakage alarm unit.

Can also be used with other monitoring hosts.

3.External sound and light alarm alarm 

The water leakage alarm is normally open and normally closed output through the main contact of the relay. 

When an alarm occurs, it can trigger the sound and light alarm device to make an alarm action 

4.Telephone voice alarm 

The water leakage alarm can add a telephone voice module to give voice alarms to managers when a water leakage accident is detected. 

5.SMS alert 

It is also by adding a short message module to the water leakage alarm, 

so that when a water leakage occurs, a water leakage notification can be sent to the management staff in a timely manner, and the notification is wide. 

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