Can the infrared level transmitter be used for the water less reminder?

- Oct 12, 2019-

The waterless reminder function is that making the machine to stop the work when there is no water, the buzzer sounds or the LED light is on to remind the user to add water. This feature is available on a variety of machines to protect the appliance. Without this water shortage reminder function, the machine will be damaged if it works on waterless state for a long time.

The infrared level transmitter can realize the waterless reminder function. The infrared level transmitter is installed at the bottom position. When the water level drops to the lowest position, the sensor immediately gives a signal prompt. After the device receives the signal, it will control the circuit to realize the buzzer alarm or the warning light is on. When the user add water to the tank, the infrared level transmitter detects water, it will give a signal, the equipment restarts.

The infrared level transmitter uses the optical principle to detect the liquid level change. When there is no water, the emission tube inside the infrared level transmitter emits a light beam, the light beam is directly reflected into the internal receiving tube when passing through the transparent prism at the top of the sensor. When the sensor is immersed in water, the beam is refracted in the liquid, with only some or no light returning to the receiving tube.

The infrared level transmitter output signal is high and low voltage. In addition to the small size, high precision and high reliability, the high and low voltage output of the level sensor can also be adjusted according to the actual application of the user. For example, when the customer wants to realize the water shortage reminder, the level sensor will be set the water state to output low voltage and waterless output a high voltage. After adjustment, the accuracy, function, and appearance will not change.


The infrared level transmitter is extremely reliable, it is not affected by magnetic force, pressure, temperature, liquid color, corrosiveness, etc. Its internal components are treated with photosensitive resin, so there are no moving parts inside. Compared with the float type liquid level sensor, it has higher precision, smaller size, longer life and cheaper price.