Brief Introduction of Liquid Level Sensor Products

- Apr 26, 2019-

Liquid level sensor (hydrostatic level gauge/liquid level transmitter/liquid level sensor/water level sensor) is a kind of pressure sensor for measuring liquid level. Based on the principle that the measured hydrostatic pressure is proportional to the height of the liquid, the hydrostatic input transducer (level gauge) converts the hydrostatic pressure into an electrical signal by using advanced isolated diffused silicon sensor or ceramic capacitive pressure sensor abroad, and then through temperature compensation and linear correction, into a standard electrical signal (generally 4-20 mA/1-5 VDC).

There are two types: contact type, including single flange static pressure/double flange differential pressure level transmitter, floating ball type level transmitter, magnetic level transmitter, input type level transmitter, electric inner floating ball level transmitter, electric float level transmitter, capacitive type level transmitter, magnetostrictive level transmitter, servo level transmitter, etc. The second type is non-contact, which includes ultrasonic liquid level transmitter, radar liquid level transmitter and so on.

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