Brief Introduction of Level Controller

- Apr 11, 2019-

Level controller refers to the mechanical or electronic method to control the high and low level of liquid. It can control electromagnetic valves, water pumps, etc., so as to achieve semi-automation or full automation. There are many methods, depending on the choice of different products.

The principle of electronic level switch is to detect the liquid level by electronic probe, and then to process the detected signal by a special chip for liquid level detection. When the measured liquid reaches the action point, the chip outputs high or low level signals, and then cooperates with the water level controller to realize the control of the liquid level. No float ball and reed, no external mechanical action, pollution resistance, durable, not afraid of the impact of floating objects, installation at any angle, vertical installation has certain wave-proof function, suitable for long immersion in water, working voltage is DC 5-24V, very safe. This method is more practical, long life, safe and affordable.