Application introduction of Hall flowmeter FM-HL3012

- Oct 27, 2020-

No any flow meter is suitable for any fluid, any range, any flow state and any operating conditions, there are many flow measurement methods and types of instruments, and there are countless flow meters of various principles and appearances.

In daily life, the use of flow meters is more and more extensive. For example, Hall flow meters can be used in public taps, milk dispensers, coffee machines, etc., and the flow can be counted in real time. The following introduces the Hall flowmeter from EPTSensor.


There is an impeller and a Hall IC inside the Hall flowmeter FM-HL3012. When the impeller rotates once, the Hall IC outputs a pulse, which is used to realize flow control.

For example, in the application of a coffee machine, the production of coffee requires a certain amount of water, and the flow of coffee needs to be the same every time, so as not to affect the taste. Therefore, it needs to control the flow. At this time, it needs to be applied to this small Hall flowmeter to control the water output, so that every time the coffee machine is pressed to make coffee, a fixed water volume is output. Different equipment, liquids and different functional requirements are suitable for different flow meters.

The advantages of EPTSensor Hall flowmeter: not only small size, light weight and easy to install, but also can be used to control the liquid level of the water tank. And the flow accuracy is high, the accuracy can reach 3%.