How to achieve anti-fall protection for electric heaters?

- Oct 19, 2019-

The electric heater is an electric appliance including a heater, an oil heater, a quick furnace, and etc, its main function is to provide warmth. In the early use of electric heaters, there were often fires caused by improper use of the user or other factors. In addition to the damage caused by the user placing the heater close to flammable materials such as towels and blankets, there is also a cause of fire caused by a short circuit caused by the appliance being dumped.

Nowadays, in order to prevent such problems, the electric heater usually has anti-dumping protection function. How does the electric heater achieve anti-dumping protection?

For safety reasons, usually the electric heater will be equipped with a anti-dumping protection switch. When the appliance dumps, the switch gives a signal. When the device receives the signal, it stops working, so that the whole circuit is disconnected when the heater falls, which keeps the safety of application.

The photoelectric anti-dumping switch is a very small switch. The following is a comparison of the photoelectric fall switch and the mechanical fall switch.


The photoelectric anti-dumping switch is not only small in size, but also has high motion accuracy, the motion error is only within ±5°, while the mechanical anti-dumping switch has an angular motion error of ±20°. That is, when the tilt angle is set to 30°, the photoelectric anti-dumping switch gives a signal prompt when the device is tilted by 25° to 35°, while the mechanical sensor gives a signal at 10° to 50°, which shows that the mechanical type accuracy is lower.


Compared with other electronic anti-fall switches, photoelectric anti-fall switches have strong seismic resistance in both horizontal and vertical directions. The installation process is simple, it does not cause any damage during welding. The photoelectric anti-fall switch has high reliability, there is no friction and oxidation problems, the ambient temperature and humidity have no influence on the signal output.

Installing photoelectric anti-dumping in the heater detectes that the electric heater is tilted or the fall is in an abnormal state, it will give a signal prompt, thereby achieving the fall protection of the electric heater, preventing electrical damage caused by short circuit.